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Saturday, April 1, 2017

DISNEY NEWS: Disney's Marvel Adventure



ANAHEIM, CA- Walt Disney Theme Parks spokeswoman April F. Ewell announced today that the company's second Anaheim theme park would be "re-imagined" as the all new Disney's Marvel Adventure Park. "Our guests are constantly telling us that many of the familiar Disney attractions and characters are no longer relevant to them, so we wanted to give them newer, re-invigorated attractions to enjoy. Disney's Marvel Adventure Park is the happy result!"

Spider-Man 'swings' into his new home.

No corner of the theme park will remain untouched. Paradise Pier will become home to Spidey's Fun Wheel:


The exciting Iron Man Flight School:


And the amazing Spidey Web Slingin' Swings!


The current Bugs Land area will become the thrilling Ant-Man Kiddie Land, where even the smallest can be super!


Guests will even be able to ride Agent Coulson's famed 'Lola' in the amazing Agents of SHIELD Racin' Adventure!


The famed Soarin' attraction will get a facelift when it becomes Soarin' over Stark Industries.


Plus, move over Walt! Stan the Man will take his place on the new Stark Studios Street in an amazing statue that will make guests shout "Excelsior!"


According to Ms. Ewell, the park has purchased thousands of gallons of paint to help the park make its stunning transition. "Guests will feel like they've stepped into a living, breathing comic book, with newly repainted and re-themed adventures they'll never forget," noted Ms. Ewell, "they'll love the new relevance we're bringing to this amazing theme park!" Disney hopes to have the changes up and running by the end of the year.