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It was the place that hardly anyone besides its founder believed in; a park that naysayers said would be closed and forgotten in less than six months. When Walt Disney first announced that he planned to build some sort of entertainment enterprise in the middle of an orange grove out in Anaheim, most observers predicted he would be bankrupt within the year. Now, well over sixty years later Mr. Disney's dream still lives on, hosting millions of guests each year and growing bigger every day. Join us as we take a look back at the story of a dream come true- The Story of DISNEYLAND.

  1. The Beginning of a Dream
  2. It Should Be Surrounded By a Train
  3. Aunt Maggie and the Dreaming Tree
  4. An All-American Boy in Europe
  5. A Suitcase and a Dream
  6. Waiting on the World
  7. Mickey Mouse Park
  8. "Disneylandia"
  9. What's in a Name?
  10. Walt & Herb's "Lost Weekend"
  11. Finding a Home for Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom
  12. Investing in the Magic
  13. An Unworkable Idea
  14. Building the Team
  15. A Vacationland in Anaheim
  16. Building the Dream
  17. Staffing the Dream
  18. Mr. Disney's Wild Ride
  19. A Home Away From Home
  20. What About Tomorrow?
  21. Pretender to the Throne
  22. An Entertaining Plan
  23. Down to the Wire
  24. July 17, 1955
  25. Up and Running
  26. Brotherly Disagreement
  27. The Outside World
  28. Bigger and Better
  29. Ticket Books to Paradise
  30. Expanding the Dream
  31. Arrow Development: Building Walt's Dream
  32. Making the Impossible Possible
  33. The World's Fair
  34. A Pirate's Life For All
  35. Tomorrowland 1967: A World on the Move
  36. The Magic Kingdom Loses its King
  37. The Happiest Place on Earth Lives On
  38. Growing Pains
  39. Mountains of Fun
  40. More of Walt's Dreams Come True
  41. The Disney Decade
  42. A New Millennium
  43. A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!