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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Upjohn Pharmacy in DISNEYLAND

Just like any small town at the turn of the century, DISNEYLAND's Main Street U.S.A featured a pharmacy. This being DISNEYLAND, however, things weren't always what they seemed.

The Upjohn Company, famous manufacturers of medications, chose to open its "pharmacy" partly due to the CEO's friendship with Walt Disney. This pharmacy would mainly display exhibits related to Upjohn's history with free samples of vitamins available. Guests with headaches could reportedly purchase heavily discounted aspirin and other pain relievers all manufactured by Upjohn.

The pharmacy lasted until 1970, when Roy Disney began the process of bringing all retail space within the park under Disney ownership. The space hosted two different shops in the 1970s- first a candle boutique, then the first location of the Disneyana Shop. When Disneyana moved across the street in the 1980s, the location began selling watches. Today, it's the location of The Fortuosity Shoppe, which sells an eclectic range of merchandise including watches.