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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


One of the first albums issued by DISNEYLAND Records was Date Nite at DISNEYLAND. Recorded live at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom during an actual Date Nite, the record features the Elliott Brothers Orchestra and the DISNEYLAND Date Niters. As the catchy song points out, this special event occurred Friday and Saturday nights during the summer, "under a million twinkling lights".

The album was re-issued on CD right before the 50th Anniversary at DISNEYLAND through one of the park's CD on demand kiosks. It is now offered through iTunes. While the recording was re-mastered, one quirk found on the original album was left on the CD for posterity. During the album's final track, a young couple can be heard arguing in the background. Since this was an artifact of a live recording it was left in the final product.