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Monday, February 23, 2015

Disney Legends #18 & #19: The Sherman Brothers

The 18th and 19th people inducted as Disney Legends were Richard and Robert Sherman, best known as "The Sherman Brothers"

The Sherman Brothers began their career after their father, himself a famous song writer, challenged them to write a song. They did and proved to be quite good at it, writing various pop tunes, including You're Sixteen and Tall Paul, which became a huge hit for Annette Funicello. This brought them to the attention of Walt Disney, who did something unheard of today; he hired them as staff musicians working exclusively for Walt Disney Productions.

During their time at the studio, they wrote all the songs in Mary Poppins, winning an Academy Award in the process. Mr. Disney also set them to work writing music for DISNEYLAND, resulting in the beloved song it's a small world (after all) and the song Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, which reflected Walt Disney's positive attitude towards the future.

On a personal level, The Sherman Brothers wrote Walt Disney's favorite song- Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) which they eagerly played for him every Friday evening at the end of each work week.