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Monday, May 4, 2015

"May the Fourth" Week: A Young Boy Dreams of DISNEYLAND

Little George Lucas was just like every other red blooded American kid who faithfully watched the DISNEYLAND TV show- he dreamed of visiting the park as soon as it opened to see the magical things it doubtless contained.

As soon as Walt Disney announced that the park would open on July 17, 1955, little George began begging his father to take the family down to Anaheim (the family lived in Modesto, a six hour drive away) but it was a tough sell. Mr. Lucas felt it would be too expensive, too crowded. The family wouldn't go anywhere near this tourist trap.

Like just about everyone in the U.S. who had a television, the Lucas family watched the opening of DISNEYLAND on ABC. As the special progressed, Mr. Lucas became more and more excited about the park, perhaps even moreso than little George. By the end of the 90 minute telecast, Mr. Lucas was so excited he decided right then and there to make the six hour trek to Anaheim the very next morning.

The Lucas family was there to experience the wonders of the Magic Kingdom on July, 18, 1955. Could little George have possibly imagined that he would be in DISNEYLAND 37 years later, proudly unveiling Star Tours, an attraction based on one of his creations?

It must have been an amazing day for big George to realize one of little George's wildest dreams- to add a special attraction to a special place.

May the Fourth Be With You!