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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Toontown Tuesdays: Mickey Mouse

The character most associated with The Walt Disney Company and its founder began his life due to desperation- Walt Disney had just lost his character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Universal Pictures and he needed a new cartoon personality to keep his company doors open. On a long and somber train ride from New York to California, he recalled a mouse he had as a pet in Kansas City. This burst of inspiration led him to draw the immortal- Mortimer Mouse. Luckily his wife was also on the train and convinced him to change the name to something else- Mickey Mouse.

Working with his loyal animator Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney introduced his newest creation to the world, not only providing him with life, but also his voice. Mickey Mouse was a sensation, quickly eclipsing Oswald to become the world's most recognizable figure. Mickey's peppy, optimistic nature came from Mr. Disney himself. Everyone who knew Walt personally said that Mickey Mouse was just like his creator and Walt carefully took care of Mickey and his image. 

Today, many years after his creation, Mickey is still an optimistic little person who still attracts the love of children around the world. They may not know where he came from or who created him, but they instantly love him all the same. Even newborn babies love him. Today he holds court in his father's Magic Kingdom, welcoming guests from around the world to DISNEYLAND.