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Sunday, July 24, 2016

RetlawYensid.Com Statement about the Tower of Terror retheming

I have been posting several ridiculous sounding "re-themed" attractions this weekend because of my unhappiness towards the recent decision to close the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and re-theme it as a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. 

Contrary to what I've read online, many of us who are against this re-theming aren't against any changes; as a matter of fact, I have been quite supportive of most past changes. However in this instance, the Tower of Terror is not being replaced because it is no longer attracting crowds or has become irrelevant to guests; it is solely being changed because somebody at Disney Corporate must have proclaimed that Marvel characters needed to be shoehorned into the parks and this was the cheapest way to do it.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that Guardians of the Galaxy would be an even better fit in DISNEYLAND's Tomorrowland, which features several abandoned buildings and attractions. Sure, it might take more time and expense to utilize, repurpose or expand those facilities, but the fact is, those things are going to need to happen sooner or later. Sadly, the company has focused on just about everywhere else in the parks instead of finally tackling the one section that is desperately in need of a remodel.

"Fixing" an attraction that doesn't need to be fixed and whose popularity has grown since it was first built is ridiculous. If this was the best option they had for introducing Marvel properties into the parks, then maybe there isn't much imagination left in the world. (Or at least at Disney.)