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Monday, August 1, 2016

Music Mondays: Make Way!

Howard Stark, the international playboy father of  international playboy Tony "Iron Man" Stark is depicted as Howard Hughes-esque, right down to his appearance. 


However for Iron Man 2, we are introduced to a Howard Stark who was more of a forward thinking, optimistic genius. His Stark Expo was a way to bring together the great minds of the world to make the future a better place.


When looking for someone to write a theme song for the Expo, the producers turned to The Sherman Brothers. The Sherman Brothers had written what was widely regarded to be Walt Disney's theme song- There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. The song was used during the 1964 New York World's Fair at Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. The song they came up with was Make Way for Tomorrow Today.

Make way, make way Tomorrow's heading our way 

Make way, make way Tomorrow's coming today 

Oh, a bright new morning is dawning 

Make way for tomorrow today 

Yes a new tomorrow's a morning 

To light up a great new day 

Oh the future's brimming with promise 

And the promise is heading our way 

So keep your eyes on that shining horizon 

Make way for tomorrow today 

Daring new devices will help us to succeed

 Better tools for living will meet our every need 

Incredible inventions through new technology 

Extending life's dimensions for all humanity 

Modern marvels rising around us 

Bring progress in dazzling display 

So keep your eyes on that shining horizon 

Make way for tomorrow today 

Make way for tomorrow today!

With this tribute, Howard Stark's character would take on a Walt Disney-ish trait.