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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Theme Park Thursdays: Did you know?

From 1955 until 1982, DISNEYLAND sold ticket books that provided admission to the park and offered a set of ride tickets for access to the various attractions. Less adventurous guests could pay a smaller admission fee to get into the park and enjoy the parades and shows without having to pay for any rides. While today's admission tickets provide access to all attractions and shows, everyone must pay the same, regardless of how they spend their day in the parks.


Did You Know that leftover ticket books and tickets can be exchanged for admission discounts and/or entire admission? Guests who show up with completely unused ticket books can exchange them at DISNEYLAND for a one day admission ticket. However, these unused ticket books are often sought after by collectors. Depending on their condition, they are often worth much more than the one day admission price.