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Sunday, June 9, 2024

it’s a small world Part Seven: The Grand Premiere

With the addition of a new song written by the Sherman Brothers, it’s a small world was now ready to go. The attraction began its first cross country trek to Flushing Meadows to get reassembled and begin its New York World’s Fair run. After seeing the finished attraction, Joan Crawford was ecstatic. UNICEF and the press were extremely impressed by the attraction and it received glowing reviews. Joan was especially excited by the fact that her input and Hollywood contacts made the attraction possible- saving Pepsi’s reputation in the process.

When the attraction was ready for its grand opening, Walt Disney flew his characters in from Disneyland for an elaborate opening ceremony and Joan Crawford couldn’t have been happier. In front of the world and (more importantly) her fellow Pepsi board members, Joan reveled in her huge success.

Joan carefully coordinated the grand opening, making herself the face of this grand attraction. Mingling with specially invited children from around the world and the Disney characters, she made it clear that she was responsible for this success. Meanwhile, the Pepsi board members who opposed Joan were biting their tongues and  biding their time. For now, however, Joan was basking in her success.