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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pepsi at Walt's Magic Kingdom?

Since 1955, DISNEYLAND guests have been able to enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola beverage during their visit to the Magic Kingdom. And here's a vintage ad featuring the cast of the famed Golden Horseshoe Revue enjoying delicious, ice cold- Pepsi?!?

Yes! While Coca-Cola has been served in the park since 1955, it wasn't the only drink served in the park at that time; indeed, the Pepsi generation could enjoy their favorite cola as well. DISNEYLAND didn't even take sides in the "cola wars" as this other vintage ad attests:

In fact, Coke and Pepsi even had different "turfs" within the park. Guests on the west side of the park could enjoy a Pepsi Cola with their meals. Guests on the east side of the park would be served a Coca Cola. This all ended in the 1980's when the company decided to take advantage of the Pepsi & Coke rivalry to sell an exclusive contract. Coke provided a more lucrative deal, so Pepsi moved out of DISNEYLAND.