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Monday, April 21, 2014


DISNEYLAND Records was started in 1956 by Roy Disney as a way to release soundtrack albums from DISNEYLAND Park. Prior to DISNEYLAND Records, Disney soundtrack releases were contracted out to other record companies. By establishing its own record company, Walt Disney Productions no longer had to convince others to release its albums. As a result, a treasure trove of DISNEYLAND audio was made available like Date Nite at DISNEYLAND, The Golden Horseshoe Review, Meet Me Down on Main Street and Walt Disney Takes You To DISNEYLAND.

DISNEYLAND Records also pioneered the sale of read along records, which included a fully illustrated book. Millions of kids learned to read by hearing the DISNEYLAND Storyteller read a book to them, eagerly waiting for the sound of Tinkerbell's chimes which signaled when it was time to turn the page. Eventually, DISNEYLAND Records became Walt Disney Records, which still exists, releasing Disney soundtracks and music catering to Tweens and families alike.