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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The DISNEYLAND Bandstand

It was a no-brainer; a wonderful small town of the type that DISNEYLAND's Main Street was modeled after would have a nice bandstand. As the park's opening day drew near, the bandstand was quickly assembled and placed in a soon to be recognizable location.... Town Square. Unfortunately for the bandstand, Walt Disney did not like where it was originally placed. It was obvious that the bandstand would block the view of Sleeping Beauty Castle for those who stood on the train station's platform. The bandstand was quickly moved to a spot that was to the left of the castle:

It wouldn't stay long at this location. As attendance grew, the park needed a larger venue for its Date Nite at DISNEYLAND promotion. The bandstand was again displaced, this time by Carnation Gardens. The bandstand was then moved to an unlikely location- Adventureland. This time it was placed right in front of that wall we highlighted recently, about where the Tarzan Treehouse is now. This would be the last location it would get inside the park; when the Treehouse was built for the Swiss Family Robinson and the dead end was removed, the bandstand was taken out of the park completely and donated to the City of Anaheim for use in one of its neighborhood parks. That wouldn't be its final home, however. It eventually ended up at Roger's Gardens, an Orange County garden shop where it remains to this day.