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Monday, May 12, 2014

DISNEYLAND Celebrity Cast Member Week: Steve Martin

This week we highlight the DISNEYLAND cast members who made the big time!

First up- Steve Martin! Mr. Martin grew up just down the street from the Magic Kingdom- literally! He was just a kid from Fullerton who was mesmerized by the DISNEYLAND grand opening special. Like the hundreds of millions of people who tuned in to see Walt Disney's greatest dream come true, he was instantly drawn to the park. Unlike most kids, however, he was actually close enough to act on his desire to be a part of DISNEYLAND. The very next day little Steve rode his bike down Harbor Blvd. and tried to apply for a job. He was too young for a "real" job, but he soon found work as a paperboy on Main Street, selling copies of the DISNEYLAND News, which was a newspaper published from a printing press on Main Street.

When he got old enough for a "real" job, Steve found himself at the Magic Shop, demonstrating the various magic tricks for sale and operating the cash register. On his breaks, Steve would march on over to the Golden Horseshoe, where he would marvel at the antics of the legendary Wally Boag, who took Steve under his wing, teaching him "old school" show biz tricks of the trade, sparking an interest that would lead Steve Martin to international fame.