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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Edna Disney's Wild Ride

Edna Disney, shown below between her husband Roy and Mickey Mouse, was reportedly visiting DISNEYLAND when she inquired about the then new attraction that had sprung up in Tomorrowland- Space Mountain. The Disney employee informed her that the ride was a roller coaster and probably not something that a woman of her age would enjoy riding. Mrs. Disney scoffed, insisting that she and her sister rode roller coasters all the time. She insisted upon giving this new mountain a test spin. Just as her rocket left the station, a Disney executive ran up to the loading dock, demanding to know why the employee had let the elderly wife of Walt's brother on a high speed coaster. As it turned out, Mrs. Disney had last ridden a roller coaster when she was a young lady decades earlier.

Of course, Mrs. Disney returned safely from her journey into the cosmos of Tomorrowland and excitedly gave her seal of approval to the ride, which would open a few weeks later.