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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rest in Peace, Dickie Jones

Born in Texas in 1927, Richard "Dickie" Jones  was just a regular kid who knew how to perform amazing rope tricks. He caught the eye of a Rodeo impresario who convinced him and his parents that he could be a star in Hollywood. Dickie and his mother moved out to California where he instantly started booking parts in westerns and the Our Gang comedies.

Dickie soon caught the attention of Walt Disney, who was looking for a rambunctious kid to provide the voice for his flawed yet endearing "Little Woodenhead." Dickie filled the bill perfectly and the world soon fell in love with Pinocchio.

Mr. Jones retired from acting in the mid 1960s, choosing to concentrate on other endeavors, but he always had a soft spot for his most famous role, attending Disney conventions and promotional events to speak with thousands of his fans.

Mr. Jones may have passed away, but he will never be forgotten, as future generations of children will certainly enjoy the antics of Geppetto's "Little Woodenhead".