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Friday, August 15, 2014

DISNEYLAND Sponsors: Pepsi-Cola

Not only was Pepsi-Cola served in the western half of DISNEYLAND, it also was a major sponsor. While Coca-Cola merely sponsored restaurants that served its beverages, Pepsi actually sponsored an attraction- the fabulous Golden Horseshoe Revue.

Admission to Slue-Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe was completely free. Guests didn't even have to order a Pepsi to enjoy Slue Foot Sue's exciting Golden Horseshoe Revue. Pepsi sponsored the show until the 1980's when Disney awarded Coca-Cola exclusive rights to sell beverages in the park. Coca-Cola chose not to sponsor the show and Kodak took over until Wonder Bread became the final sponsor. The regular show ended in the mid-90's with various other performances taking place in the grand theater. 

Rumor has it that a tribute to the original show will return to the historic building next year for DISNEYLAND's 60th Anniversary.