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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Premium Sound: THX

Disney's Lucasfilm was involved in a lot of things before it was purchased by Disney. It once developed a piece of software that could be used in animation. Failing to find a market for the software, the company was sold to a friend of George Lucas who was forced to try using the software for films of its own. You might have heard of that troubled company- Pixar Animation.

Another field Lucasfilm entered was sound systems. George Lucas was frustrated with how he could create a film that looked and sounded perfect, yet then would be displayed at theaters that may have obsolete, defective equipment. So he decided to try fixing that problem by introducing the THX Sound System, named after an old film of his- THX-1138.

Rather than just sell speakers, THX revolutionized the industry by setting up, calibrating and certifying the auditoriums using its equipment, providing a standardized, high quality sound. THX soon found itself in theme parks, studio sound rooms and even homes.