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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Theme Park Thursdays: Marvel in the Parks

Before it was bought by The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Studios had signed a deal with Universal Studios Orlando to put its characters into Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park.

With Disney owning theme parks just down the road, many people wondered if the characters would end up there after its blockbuster purchase of Marvel. Despite owning the rights to Harry Potter, Universal Studios has not been eager to sell, nor has Disney been eager to buy. This has resulted in some creative workarounds at Walt Disney World- for example the company can promote Marvel at Disney Springs or outside the parks, but not inside them. So whenever they wrap a monorail with a Marvel theme, monorail operators have to make sure the Marvel train never enters the Epcot loop.

Of course, such restrictions do not apply to DISNEYLAND, where Tony Stark and Spider-Man have made themselves at home in Tomorrowland.