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Monday, June 6, 2016

DISNEYLAND Summer Kick-off: 1956

DISNEYLAND began its second year of operation with the first of many price changes, although this one was not the kind most people would expect today. In this case, the federal government had eliminated a ten cent tax that DISNEYLAND had charged on tickets the first year. The park passed the savings onto the guests, lowering ticket prices to ninety cents.


Guests were treated to a newly upgraded attraction that summer- the Storybookland Canal Boats. Opened in July 1955 as the Canal Boats of the world, the barren attraction was originally unfinished, a victim of the cash crunch faced in the final days of construction.


Flush with cash after a phenomenal first summer in 1955, Walt Disney quickly invested in his Magic Kingdom, transforming the barren views of 1955 into a fairy tale world of magic in 1956.


It would be just the first magical full summer at the Magic Kingdom.