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Monday, June 27, 2016

Music Mondays: DISNEYLAND Records Release #6- "Walt Disney Presents: People and Places- Switzerland & Samoa"

The next release by DISNEYLAND Records seems to be quite strange. Walt Disney Presents: People and Places- Switzerland & Samoa was not a random entry; it was actually a soundtrack to one of Disney's True-Life Adventure films. There were actually two separate featurettes that aimed to introduce viewers to the countries of Switzerland and Samoa. 



The packaging for the record featured shots from both films on opposite sides of the sleeve. Were one to flip the sleeve over, it would appear as though it was an entirely separate album. 

While DISNEYLAND Records was created because Walt Disney could not find a distributor to produce albums tied to DISNEYLAND, the People and Places series led to the creation of Disney's Buena Vista Distribution Company. Previously, Disney films had been released through RKO. RKO refused to distribute either the True-Life Adventure or People and Places films, which inspired Roy Disney to create the company's own distribution company.