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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toontown Tuesdays: Peg Leg Pete

One of Disney’s most versatile villains actually pre-dates Mickey Mouse himself. Peg Leg Pete got his first role before The Walt Disney Company officially existed- in one of the Alice Comedies.

He eventually took a role in Mickey Mouse’s first cartoon Steamboat Willie. He was frequently seen committing kidnappings, often taking Minnie Mouse hostage, who would then need to be saved by Mickey Mouse.

As the Disney family of characters grew, Pete found himself working alongside Donald Duck and more importantly, Goofy.

It was his tie to Goofy that would give Pete his most visible role- in the Disney Afternoon cartoon Goof Troop, where he served as an aggressive, though not villainous, neighbor to Goofy.

Today, the oldest still active Disney character continues his 90+ year “career” on the Disney Junior show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.