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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Mountain That Walt Built

DISNEYLAND's mighty Matterhorn almost put a wedge between Walt Disney and his brother Roy. Throughout his life, Walt needed cash to fund his dreams. His brother Roy would always do his best to find it, but he had reached the breaking point in 1958. After finally seeing the profits roll in from DISNEYLAND, Roy figured that the park would comfortably begin to coast and become a reliable profit maker for the company. But Walt was making plans to expand the park and build even bigger and better attractions. 

Roy was understandably upset and refused to approve Walt's next big project- Matterhorn Mountain and the Submarine Voyage. They got into a huge argument and stopped talking to each other. Walt soon decided to take the first step and patch things up with his brother, offering to send Roy and his wife on a European cruise, all expenses paid. Roy accepted the offer and promptly embarked on a relaxing cruise out of the country.

Upon Roy Disney's departure from the United States, Walt Disney became solely responsible for the company and promptly approved the massive projects without needing his brother's approval. Did he pull one over on his brother? Probably not. Roy could never really say no to Walt. Eventually he would probably cave in, so why not get a free trip out of it?