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Friday, December 27, 2013

Who Is Andy Anaheim?

Before DISNEYLAND opened, the sleepy agricultural city of Anaheim knew that things were going to change. Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom was going to bring millions of people from around the world to town and they wanted to put their best foot forward to show the world that Anaheim meant business. Mr. Disney was more than willing to help and he enlisted his artists to create a new character for the city- Andy Anaheim! The rascally booster could be seen on letterhead, recreation T-Shirts and anywhere the city was being promoted.

The little guy was phased out during the 1980's as being too outdated, but he's making a comeback! Andy has appeared online, on T-Shirts, and around town. So the next time you're in Anaheim, keep an eye out; you never know where he might show up next....