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Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome to Holidayland!

It's considered to be the "lost" land at DISNEYLAND- Holidayland opened in 1957 and was a nine acre playground for groups. Located roughly where New Orleans Square's backstage buildings and Tortilla Jo's stand today, Holidayland was meant to be a place where groups could gather in private surroundings away from the crowds at the park.

However, park management felt that Holidayland didn't have that Disney "Magic". In addition, many groups found that their members preferred to spend their time inside Walt's Magic Kingdom and weren't interested in visiting Holidayland. The "lost" land of Holidayland quickly closed in 1961. 

An interesting fact: the tent used for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus we profiled last week was repurposed for Holidayland. After the tent's second failed life, it was exiled to Wisconsin, where it can still be seen as one of the exhibits at the Circus World Museum.