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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida not only copies several elements from the original DISNEYLAND, it also features several references to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California.

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Florida's Magic Kingdom Park features this sign in front of the attraction- the date listed on the sign is exactly 150 years before the grand opening of DISNEYLAND.

This outdoor vending location at Disney's Hollywood Studios is an obvious reference to the original DISNEYLAND. It's named after the park's hometown of Anaheim.

In an exhibit about Walt Disney's life, the only park he designed and built- DISNEYLAND- is heavily featured despite being 2500 miles away.

The exhibit also features several famous costumes and props from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom of DISNEYLAND, including this costume from the famous Golden Horseshoe Revue, worn by Betty Taylor.

DISNEYLAND is always seemingly close by- even all the way in the swamps of Florida.