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Monday, November 3, 2014


After decades of relying on other companies to distribute its films and produce its records, Walt Disney Productions began bringing things in house in the 1950's. Fueled by profits from DISNEYLAND, Roy Disney setup Buena Vista Pictures Distribution to release Disney films and DISNEYLAND Records to create soundtrack albums based on Disney films and television projects. Walt Disney supported the new businesses since they would result in the company being able to keep more of the money it earned from its various projects.

DISNEYLAND Records started up as a way for the company to release soundtracks from the theme park; outside record companies balked at selling anything from an untested enterprise. While its early releases included many records tied to DISNEYLAND, the very first release on the DISNEYLAND Records label was Walt Disney presents A Child's Garden of Verses. The first release not only had nothing to do with DISNEYLAND, but didn't even feature any Disney characters. Future releases would feature Annette Funicello, Disney movie soundtracks and even the fabulous Golden Horseshoe Revue.