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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Prior to heading out to California to follow his dreams, Walt Disney tried to make a go of it in Kansas City. His first job was with the Pesman-Rubin Studios where he met Ub Iwerks, who would soon become his good friend. The two friends soon grew tired of producing the same old types of films over and over again for their unimaginative bosses and decided to setup their own company. "Iwerks-Disney Studios" was supposed to be a place where the partners could do things their way and experiment with different styles.

Unfortunately, they didn't have much success and soon found themselves working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company. They soon caught the eye of the Newman Theater, which was unimpressed with what Kansas City Film Ad was producing for them. They offered Walt and Ub the opportunity to step out on their own and provide Newman with exclusive content. The guys could then work on whatever else they could dream up for other clients.

Thus Walt and Ub started up Laugh-o-Gram Films, luring away some of their other friends from Kansas City Film Ad. Unfortunately, Walt's dedication to quality and his inventive mind meant that Laugh-o-Gram's costs often exceeded its revenue. They soon found themselves bankrupt and out of options. Laugh-o-Gram Films closed forever.

Walt soon decided that his dreams were never going to come true in Kansas City. So he rounded up all the money he had, packed up his worldly possessions into a suitcase and took a train out to California. Once there, he would find success beyond his wildest dreams.