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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

UNOCO Anaheim

As a result of Walt Disney's agreement with Jack Wrather, the company was forbidden from using the Disney or DISNEYLAND names on any hotel properties in Southern California. The company tried to buy these rights back, but Mr. Wrather continually resisted. Knowing that the company would need to change its operational strategy in Anaheim, the company began buying up hotel and motel properties that it had no current plans for, but would need to operate until it knew what it was going to do. So it created UNOCO Anaheim.

UNOCO Anaheim was the corporate division that operated hotel & motels that it couldn't put the Disney name on, as well as gift shops in Anaheim hotels that sold Disney merchandise to tourists.

Among the many businesses operated by UNOCO Anaheim were the Heidi Motel, a gas station at the corner of West Street and Katella Avenue, and "Mickey's Corner" at the DISNEYLAND Hotel.

In 1988, Jack Wrather's widow finally sold off The Wrather Corporation to Disney, which effectively ended UNOCO Anaheim, clearing the way for DISNEYLAND to begin its massive expansion, adding Downtown Disney, Disney California Adventure and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.