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Friday, April 1, 2016

Freaky Fridays: April Fools Fact or Legend?

Fact or Legend? 

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was so crowded on Opening Day that they ran out of Pepsi & Coke. Pepsi botched its handling of the shortage and ended up thrown out of the park.

LEGEND! Walt Disney World suffered from poor attendance for its first two months. In fact, Roy Disney had believed the project was doomed and would ruin the company. Luckily, DISNEYLAND was still packing them in and propped things up until Walt Disney World finally started bringing in the crowds.

DISNEYLAND once allowed guests to fish from a dock on Tom Sawyer Island.

FACT! DISNEYLAND did allow guests to fish from the dock opposite the Mark Twain and Columbia boarding area. Local hotels were not fond of this attraction since they often had to deal with the smelly result of a day fishing at the park. Besides, who really wanted to carry stinky fish around the park all day?