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Monday, April 4, 2016

Music Mondays: "Meet Me Down on Main Street"

When Walt Disney planned out Main Street, USA at DISNEYLAND, he wanted to present an idealized version of his adopted home town Marceline. His plan was to make Main Street USA not just look like a turn of the century town, but also feel like one that could realistically be lived in.

To do this, he added various elements to make it feel like a real town, including musical acts. In addition to the DISNEYLAND Band, there was a barbershop quartet called the Dapper Dans, who performed several times daily at DISNEYLAND.

When DISNEYLAND Records decided to release albums tied to the Magic Kingdom, they chose famed quartet The Mellomen to represent the Dapper Dans on the album. Led by Thurl Ravenscroft, who would later become the voice of Tony the Tiger in the Frosted Flakes commercials, the Mellomen recorded an entire album of songs tied to Main Street, including Main Street's unofficial theme song- Meet Me Down on Main Street.

The Mellomen still entertain guests to this day- they're the grim grinning ghosts seen in the Haunted Mansion's graveyard- entertaining guests for almost fifty years.

Meet Me Down on Main Street

Main Street, Main Street
Meet me tonight on Main Street

‘Cause we’ve got a date tonight at 8
So meet me down on Main Street
Please don’t be late, don’t make me wait
Just meet me down on Main Street

We’ll take a ride on an old horse car
I’ll buy you a chocolate bar
And you’ll be the sweetest girl by far
Down on old Main Street

Oh, the firemen’s band is gonna play
So meet me down on Main Street
They’ll play ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay
Parading down on Main Street

We’ll pause a while at the popcorn stand
What an evening, ain't it grand?
Our little hometown is a fairyland
Down on old Main Street
Old Main Street