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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Definitive DISNEYLAND book is Coming Soon!

New Book To Fully Detail DISNEYLAND History Day By Day

ANAHEIM, CA- The definitive guide to each and every day in DISNEYLAND’s history has finally been written! “DISNEYLAND: 21,900 Days of Magic” by Ralph Castaneda, Jr. details every day of DISNEYLAND’s operation since 1955. Other books claim to tell the definitive story of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but only this one details what happened on each and every day of its operation over the last 60 years- 21,900 days in all!

Readers will find a wealth of information on every page. Ever wondered when the park replaced the flooring in Star Tours back in 1998? Or how many hamburgers were sold during Grad Nite on June 16, 1996? Those questions and more are answered within this amazing book. “I thought I knew everything about the park,” raved park aficionado April F. Ewell, “but I certainly didn’t know that “It’s A Small World” was drained of all water back in March of 1968. Amazing!”

Only Ralph can tell you about the day they had to use the overflow parking lot at the Anaheim Convention Center back in July of 1972 or how many ear hats were sold in June 1984. This exciting book will be available for sale on April 31 through Amazon.com and other fine booksellers. Overweight postage fees may apply.