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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A DISNEYLAND Christmas: Christmas Parades on Main Street

Christmas Parades down Main Street have been a DISNEYLAND staple since 1955. Guests have learned to expect bigger and bigger parades each year and the park has never disappointed. In recent years, "snow" and characters from Frozen have joined DISNEYLAND mainstays like Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus on the parade route to help guests celebrate the holiday season.

At the time of the parade shown below, DISNEYLAND's parade route ran through Frontierland before getting to Main Street. In the late 1960's, the parade route was changed to its current path, starting back behind it's a small world and winding its way through Fantasyland. Before the construction of it's a small world, Manchester Road ran behind the park, cutting it off from its service area. DISNEYLAND bought the street from the City of Anaheim and extended the park to accommodate the new attraction. The added acreage also meant that the park's Maintenance staff no longer had to cross the street to get to the park.