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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oswald's Christmas Miracle

A true Christmas miracle for Disney fans occurred this past week when a film archive in Norway announced that it had located a copy of a long lost Oswald cartoon in its collection. 

Lost Socks was animated by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks back in 1927 and released for Christmas of that year. In the cartoon, Oswald dresses like Santa to brighten the Christmas season for the kids living in an orphanage.

When Walt Disney lost the rights to the character to Universal Studios, all copies of the film were turned over to its owner Carl Laemmle. While The Walt Disney Company has always been careful at archiving its catalog of films, Universal has not and the film was believed lost forever. The recent discovery of the print in Norway means that this historic film can be digitized and preserved for future generations.

Now that The Walt Disney Company has recovered the rights to Oswald, he can be seen daily at Disney California Adventure, just steps away from his father's greatest dream come true- DISNEYLAND.