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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mickey is 90! A Month of Celebrations

On November 18, Mickey Mouse will mark his 90th year, having made his grand debut in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. The Walt Disney Company will honor Mickey Mouse tomorrow on ABC in a glittering celeb filled spectacular. Here on RetlawYensid.com, we’ll be honoring the big cheese all month long.

Why is Mickey Mouse so important to so many 90 years after his premiere? He’s often our first friend; a trustworthy, cuddly pal who comforts us through naps, fevers, good and bad times. He’s always a comforting presence, making us laugh and always putting a smile on our faces. He’s friendly and always keeps our secrets to himself.

He loves us unconditionally and we love him. He’s always there when we need him and his bright presence and smiling face have made his father’s Magic Kingdom of DISNEYLAND the happiest place on earth. When Walt Disney created that spunky little mouse on the long train ride back to California after losing Oswald to Universal Pictures, he was desperately trying to salvage his fledgling company. Little did he know that the idea that sprang up out of desperation would change the world. This month we honor the mouse who started it all- Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!