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Monday, April 8, 2019

Music Mondays: “Glee”

The music industry has been on the decline for at least a decade. While it has often blamed the rise of the internet and the easy availability of piracy, the music industry’s problems are deeper than that. As the 2000’s wore on, it seemed as though the sales records racked up during recorded music’s heyday were not likely to ever be beaten. In 2009, Twentieth-Century-Fox Television introduced a show that would not only challenge decades-old sales record but would  regularly break them. Glee, a show about a high school glee club, would dominate the sales charts becoming a phenomenon that re-invigorated the recording industry and set its own seemingly unbeatable records.

Glee released 460 singles, of which a record 207 charted, beating legendary acts like The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Queen. This amazing sales record will not likely be beaten, though the show’s music has yet to prove that it has as much staying power as the acts whose records it shattered.