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Monday, April 29, 2019

Music Mondays: Walt Disney and the Avengers

While Walt Disney’s favorite song was Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins, the Sherman Brothers, who wrote the song, always felt that the piece of music they wrote that best summed up their boss was There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, a bouncy song that was used in the Carousel Of Progress attraction in DISNEYLAND.

The song expressed Mr. Disney’s positive outlook- his feeling that today’s problems could be solved in the future through research and technology. In 2010, Marvel Studios was looking for an inspirational song that would be used at the fictional “Stark Expo” in Iron Man 2. In the film, Howard Stark is portrayed as a businessman who similarly embraced the future. The type of song they had in mind was one that would be similar to There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, so they went right to the original songwriters- the Sherman Brothers- who wrote Make Way For Tomorrow Today, a song that sounds like it could have been right out of DISNEYLAND’s Tomorrowland.