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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Captain EO

When Captain EO premiered at DISNEYLAND in 1986, it was widely believed to be one of the most expensive movie productions ever. The movie allegedly cost $17 Million, which is amazing considering that it is only 17 minutes long and that it cost $17 Million to build the entire park back in 1955. While other movies had cost more than $17 million, they were all much longer films. EO had cost a staggering $1 Million a minute.

It's forgotten today, but Captain EO was a phenomenon at the time. Wait times of over two hours often greeted DISNEYLAND guests after the opening and the line stretched outside of Tomorrowland and down Main Street. In EPCOT Center, the film provided a much needed attendance boost. The film has ended its second run at DISNEYLAND just this week.