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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Griffith Park and DISNEYLAND

Walt Disney himself traced the origins of DISNEYLAND to "Daddy's Days" at Los Angeles' Griffith Park, where he regularly took his daughters for rides on the famed carousel. While waiting for his daughters to complete their rides, he wished for some place where parents and children could enjoy the fun together. A place like DISNEYLAND.

Located on the other side of Griffith Park is amazingly another inspiration for DISNEYLAND- Walt Disney's Barn. This barn was built by Walt Disney in his Carolwood Drive backyard in the 1940's. He often worked on his backyard railroad inside the building and also created miniatures that he planned to send on a cross country tour called "Disneylandia". The project was deemed to be unfeasible, but Walt Disney's sights soon turned to a much bigger project- DISNEYLAND.