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Monday, June 2, 2014

DISNEYLAND Parade Week: Totally Minnie

We kick-off summer by remembering famous DISNEYLAND Parades!

DISNEYLAND didn't always have year round parades. Guests would typically see parades only during the summer months and the Christmas season. So the summer months were an especially special time to visit the Magic Kingdom. One of the more memorable parades of the 1980's celebrated an often overlooked Disney character- Minnie Mouse!

Given a 1980's makeover, Minnie Mouse hit the streets of DISNEYLAND in the Totally Minnie parade performed twice daily. With an infectious theme song, day-glo wardrobe and a valley girl attitude, Minnie Mouse finally got the attention she deserved.

"When she flashes those long lashes
she brings down the house. 
Who else could it be but Minnie Mouse?"