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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don Defore's Silver Banjo Barbeque

Located in the wild frontier of DISNEYLAND, Don Defore's Silver Banjo Barbeque was owned by THE Don Defore, who played neighbor to Ozzie and Harriet and the father on the classic sitcom Hazel. He was also a friend of Walt Disney and in 1957, when the Casa de Fritos moved to a larger location a few doors down, Mr. Defore jumped at the chance to setup his own restaurant in DISNEYLAND.

Serving (of course) barbeque dishes, the restaurant was truly a family affair, with Mr. Defore's children helping out. (But mainly sneaking off to explore the wonders of DISNEYLAND.) the restaurant closed in 1961 when the neighboring Aunt Jemima's Pancake House expanded into the space.

The story of the Defores at DISNEYLAND doesn't end there, however. Don's sons wanted to put up a tribute to their father's restaurant, but DISNEYLAND management was cool to the idea, so they made their own and surreptitiously installed it one busy day! (Don't try this at home!) The plaque lasted for quite some time, with the DISNEYLAND custodial department even creating a "How To" guide on how to clean it. The unauthorized plaque was eventually discovered and removed. (It was installed on the bottom half of the door pictured below.) Discussions to create a permanent, authorized tribute are allegedly still underway.