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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disney Legend #12: Roger E. Broggie

Roger E. Broggie started his Disney career as a machinist, helping Walt Disney develop and construct the complex multiplane camera. The camera would be used to great effect in Disney's classic animated features. Mr. Broggie also shared Walt's love for trains and helped him build the Carolwood Pacific Railroad which ran through Walt's backyard. 

Roger quickly earned a reputation around the Disney Studios as being someone who could be presented with a problem and come up with various solutions. When Walt Disney started up the organization that would eventually build DISNEYLAND, his first choice for the job of "Imagineer" was Roger E. Broggie. Mr. Broggie would design and build the DISNEYLAND Railroad, the first Mr. Lincoln animatronic and so many more projects that are still enjoyed by millions of park guests.

Mr. Broggie was honored as a Disney Legend in 1990 and passed away in 1991. In 2007, he was honored by DISNEYLAND with a window on Main Street. The window is located above the Magic Shop.