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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spin and Marty

Before there was a Disney Channel churning out new generations of "tween" celebrities, there was Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club, a daily show that spawned its own kid stars.

Two of the biggest Mouse Club stars weren't technically Mouseketeers- they were Spin and Marty, played by Tim Considine and David Stollery. 

The two most popular guys at the "Triple R Ranch", Spin and Marty popularized the idea of summer camp among children of the fifties. Aired in short sequences over the course of several months, Spin and Marty was a television version of the silver screen's cliffhanger shorts that had fallen out of favor in theaters by the 1950's. Walt Disney was reintroducing this legendary format to a new generation in his own special way.

There were other Mouse Club serials such as Annette, Corky & White Shadow and Adventures in Dairyland but none gained the same following as Spin & Marty. A portion of the show's shooting location has been turned into a mini-studio today, and it still hosts the filming of various Disney Channel productions and network crime shows. 

In reference to the site's past and present uses, film crews reportedly refer to it as "Camp CSI".