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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten Years of Fantasy, Ten Years of Fun!

The very first major birthday at DISNEYLAND was the fabulous DISNEYLAND Tencennial Celebration in 1965. Naysayers in 1955 had told Walt Disney that his Magic Kingdom wouldn't last six months and here it was, ten years later, a huge success! Mr. Disney wanted to celebrate in the biggest way possible, so the DISNEYLAND "Tencennial" celebration began!

A TV special, elaborate parade, new attractions and celebratory decorations helped DISNEYLAND celebrate 10 years of a dream come true. It was the first and only party planned by Walt Disney himself. Mr. Disney passed away the next year, but he was able to see his biggest triumph get the respect and admiration it deserved.

"Ten years of fantasy, ten years of fun! Ten years of growing and you've only just begun! Ten years of building on a dream that never ends. Ten years of happiness for fifty million friends! Ten magic years ago, you had your start- now you're the kingdom of the young and young at heart! May you forever be the land of dreams come true! Congratulations, DISNEYLAND, Happy Birthday to you!"

-The DISNEYLAND Birthday Song