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Friday, September 26, 2014

Walt Disney's EPCOT

Longtime visitors to RetlawYensid.com might remember the story about how the EPCOT Center that currently exists at Walt Disney World was not the one dreamed about by Walt Disney. So what was the EPCOT of Walt's dreams? Here it is, drawn by Walt Disney himself:

The big circle in the middle was Walt Disney's Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow- the real life city of EPCOT. Look closely and you see just ONE park- to be named "Disneyland East", a park that Walt envisioned would be just like the real DISNEYLAND, except with more water. The majority of the Florida property was to be developed as a real city. The park would be a way to get people out to Orlando to see Walt's real showcase- the City of EPCOT. Looking at Walt's plans, you can see he was putting his efforts into EPCOT and not the carbon copy of the real DISNEYLAND.

Sadly, Walt's last dream would never see the light of day. Roy Disney had never been sold on the viability of EPCOT as Walt had envisioned it and cancelled all of Walt's plans. The Florida project would get built, but it would be Roy's vision that guided it; not Walt Disney's.