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Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney's Condorman

In the late 1970's, Superman had taken the world by storm. Hollywood studios rushed superhero films into production and Disney, desperate to connect with the youth of the day, chose an unlikely actor to play an unlikely super hero. Michael Crawford, best known for starring in Broadway musicals would become Disney's Condorman in 1981.

Condorman featured Michael Crawford as cartoonist Woodrow Willkins, who is known for his imaginative comic book series Condorman. He is asked by the CIA to assist in helping a beautiful KGB agent played by Barbara Carrera to defect, which he does by plotting out an ingenious plan full of mystery and intrigue.

Sadly for Disney, the movie was widely panned by critics and wasn't the big, successful superhero film they needed at the time. The studio would try again nine years later with the impressive Dick Tracy, which was successful, but not as successful as had been hoped. Disney wouldn't achieve the superhero success it was looking for until thirty years after Condorman when it bought Marvel Comics.