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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Strange But True: Walt's Sweltering Night

When The Disney Studios in Burbank was being designed, Walt Disney participated in every planning session. This studio was to be his pride and joy so he involved himself in every facet of its design.

Mr. Disney even played a role in the design of the state of the art cooling and heating system, which would ensure that the temperature was always at a comfortable level. Walt feared, however, that an open window could ruin the temperature levels. Despite the protests of the architects, the windows were designed without any way to open them.

This worked perfectly- until one hot Los Angeles night. Mr. Disney was working late and decided to sleep in his office instead of drowsily driving home. As he started to fall asleep, the cooling system shut off and his office quickly became a sauna. Struggling with the heat, Mr. Disney had to break one of the windows to get some cool, fresh air in his office. He ordered the windows retro-fitted with opening levers the very next day.