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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Matterhorn Screamer!

Walt Disney was a visionary. Instead of concentrating on today or even tomorrow, he was always looking to the future as a place where the problems of today would be solved and amazing new discoveries would be made to accomplish things we couldn't even imagine today. It was that way of thinking that made Tomorrowland and his original plans for EPCOT what they were- optimistic and not dystopian. Mr. Disney embraced technology and imagined a world where a great big beautiful tomorrow was just a dream away.

While just a far off dream in the 1960's, home computing became a very real thing in the 1980's and The Walt Disney Company was one of the first entertainment companies to license and produce software for the computers that were becoming commonplace in many American homes. One of the earliest games for this market paired up the lovable Goofy with a classic DISNEYLAND attraction- Matterhorn Mountain!

While the graphics look primitive by today's standards, they were amazing at the time. For the first time, guests could enjoy a game based on a famous Disney attraction in the comfort of their own home.

Imagine what might happen if you could become the accident-prone Goofy, hiking up the forbidding Matterhorn in an attempt to reach the top? It was now possible with the fun and entertaining Matterhorn Screamer! just one of many challenging and fun games that was available from Walt Disney Software. Mr. Disney would have been proud