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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney!

On this day in 1901, a baby was born in Chicago, Illinois who would change the world. Named after his family's pastor Walter Parr, the baby's famous name would become known by billions around the world- Walt Disney.

His father wouldn't provide him with much encouragement when it came to artistic pursuits, but his Aunt Maggie would sneak him the crayons, pencils and paper that would guide him to his destiny.

Animation, film, theme parks- Walt Disney conquered every field he chose to engage in. But every legend has to start somewhere and today we celebrate his beginnings. Happy Birthday, Walt Disney!

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- in 1923 Walt Disney arrived in California to follow his dreams. Dreams which led to extraordinary achievements and wondrous adventures! Adventures where natural majesties, bustling communities and groundbreaking discoveries would all find a place in his heart. Today we invite you to explore your dreams as you experience your very own California Adventure!”

-Disney California Adventure Opening Announcement

“One of the things that I’ve learned from Walt that I use in my everyday work and life is that nothing is impossible. The quote of his that I love the best is, ‘Actually, it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.’ I try to remind myself and others of this every day.”

-Ralph Castaneda

“Walt Disney’s secret was to do things you don’t need, and do them well. And then you realize you needed them all along.”

-Ray Bradbury

“Think beyond your lifetime, if you want to do something truly great.”

-Walt Disney

“I still think about Mr. Disney all the time. It’s funny but sometimes when I feel discouraged or have a problem I can’t work out, I find myself thinking ‘If only Mr. Disney were here, he would know what to do.’ And I’m sure he would.”

-Annette Funicello

"I am so honored. You cannot have any idea what a feeling it is for me to be here at DISNEYLAND today to wish him a Happy Birthday. I know that you all love and enjoy and feel these wonderful experiences when you come to DISNEYLAND and you see his films and everything, but to have been part of the team to have been part of the gang that put together some of these enchanting experiences- there’s no words to describe it."

-Richard Sherman

"His dedication was not just making people smile- he taught in his very special way respect for life and land the world over making people realize if you wish upon a star, fantasies really can come true. Many times I visited his Magic Kingdom and believe me when I say my dreams came true."

-Annette Funicello

"I grew up with DISNEYLAND. I can't imagine my world without it. Walt put it best when he said 'DISNEYLAND is a work of love'. And like all happy endings, it will be ours to treasure forever more."

-Neil Patrick Harris

"Just imagine- if you were standing right here over 60 years ago, you'd be standing in the middle of an orange grove. One visionary man stood right where you are now, but instead of orange trees, he envisioned a Magic Kingdom. This man's name was Walt Disney. And his dream would be called DISNEYLAND."